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  • Recyclemart Re-Use Centre

    Excellent quality good at low cost prices

    At Recyclemart we sell a large variety of household items including: mobile phones, cameras, antique and contemporary furniture, gardening, books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, sporting equipment, bric-a-brac etc. from our local shops in Corby (at our head office on Geddington Road) and Towcester Shop.

    From our shops we sell a huge range of tested electrical items including DVD players, CD players, Radios, iPod Players, Computers, Washing machines, Driers, Toasters, Amplifiers, Irons, Record players, Monitors, Printers, Sewing machines, Telephones, Heaters, Vacuum cleaners, Drills &tools Lighting, Lawn mowers, Coffee makers, Lawn strimmers and many other quality electrical goods.

    The shop is open 7 days a week, from 8:30am til 5pm. On Tuesdays the shop is open til 9pm.